Part of my planet series.

This might be the most simple and yet fullest chart I've designed - the entire solar system! Well, the important bits anyway. I didn't squeeze the asteroid belt or any comets on there but I did put the moon and Pluto on this one. Can you work out what stitched represent what?


There are a lot of colours in this chart but not a lot of stitches. It is up to you how you work the chart onto your piece. For knitters if you intarsia you won't even need bobbins of the contrast shades, just brake a length of yarn off. Note you will need a few bobbins of your main shade to intarsia. If you don't feel up to it then get out the old tapestry needle and duplicate stitch!


Yarn colours required - MC: Navy, CC1: Yellow, CC2: Orange, CC3: Pink, CC4: Blue, CC5: turquoise, CC6: Green, CC7: Red, CC8: Pale Yellow.

Chart only, base patterns sold separately. 

Solar System

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