My first yarn show & new patterns!

I've had a very busy year preparing for my first yarn show - Yarndale, that I have neglected my website. For those who follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me posting time-lapse clips of me machine knitting my charts. I had 144 charts to knit in 5 months and although this may have been possible hand knitting I think I would have struggled.

All my charts are designed for hand knitting, the charts actually need to be flipped for them to come out the right way around on the knitting machine (a mistake I made more times than I should have). So I would have liked to have recorded myself hand-knitting the charts but now I don't have a looming deadline that is more of an option. I did enjoy learning how to intarsia on the machine and it is a shame that more people don't have them, although there are some good youtube videos on the basics I still had a lot of trial and error to get the result I wanted.

I came away from Yarndale with a lot of tips for future events and I have already booked a spot at a new show Yorkshire Yarnfest on November 30th, this should be good for me as it's a smaller event not far from my home and its only one day.

Since Yarndale I have been working on some new bit for my site, I now have THREE new patterns for you to uses with your charts one being my first crochet pattern! I will make separate posts for all the new charts and patterns and you expect a lot of new charts in the next few months

Thanks to everyone who came to Yarndale and helps supports me on my Instarsia journey


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