Wool Monty Virtual Show

The Wool Monty was supposed to be held in Sheffield this weekend, it was very likely that mass gatherings were not going to be happening in June so it was decided to postpone the show till next year and hold a virtual one instead.

We were asked to put together a video and I hated the first one I recorded so I decided to record something id like to watch, would show off my charts and wouldn't be a long monologue featuring my daft voice.

I also wanted to get some new patterns available for the show June is also Pride month so I have 3 charts up on Loveknitting that are perfect, but who doesn't love rainbows!

The 3 new charts are available using the links below they will be at a reduce price till the end of June! Remember if you want to knit them on my 0 - 5years 4ply pattern, 2 -13 year DK pattern or even my cowl or hat patterns they are available separately. Use the charts how you like, use whatever colours you want, you do you!

Rainbow Diagonal Stripes Chart Download Link

Rainbow Hearts Chart Download Link

Pride Chart Download Link

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