Pattern Over Haul

Since the beginning of the year, I've been working on updating all my knitting chats. There is over 100 now so it's taken a lot of work. I've re-photographed and re-edited all the charts covers.

and while I was at it I've updated the pattern formatting. The patterns are the same as before but I've just played around with the layout.

One of the motivations to make this change was Loveknitting, I sell all my patterns and charts through the site and they advise you to leave yarn recommendations when you upload the patterns. I like this feature as it lets you add everything you need to knit the pattern to your basket. However, one of the issues I have is that the yarn I recommend goes out of stock and sometimes doesn't come back, making my pattern out of date.

I also want you to be able to knit the charts using any of my patterns so me recommending a 4ply yarn is redundant if you're making a chunky sweater. The update to the charts means I won't have to keep editing them to keep up with yarn manufactures. They will be as up to date as the day you first purchased.

The files should have updated in you Loveknitting pattern library so just head over and click download to get the update.

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