November 2020 New Charts Release - Christmas!!!

At the start of the past few months, I have been releasing a few new charts. This months theme is CHRISMAS. We have 55 days till the big day and that's loads of time to get some fun Christmas chart patterns knitted or crocheted. There are 8 new charts in the shop along with all the other instarsia Christmas charts to pick from. Here I will be telling you a bit more about this month's charts and which ones will be easy to knit quick, there are lots of them this month!

This is my Christmas Jumper Chart

This design is for all those who want to look like they don't care about Christmas but actually love it. everyone knows someone who refuses to where a Christmas sweater but we all know inside you are desperate to get into a Christmas knit!

Bah Humbug... Yum Humbugs Chart

For those who didn't realise. A Humbug isn't just something scrooge says, it's actually a black and white sweety.

Grumpy Humbug Chart

This cute little grumpy humbug sweet would be perfect for any newbie intarsias, omitting the face details, there are only straight lines, just duplicate stitch the grumpy face afterwards for extra personality and detail

Candy Cane Chart

Although this chart may look tricky, it would actually be a very easy knit. the colours don't cross and there is only one row of yellow stitches in the crook of the cane to deal with. If you like this chart go for it!

Simple Christmas Stocking Chart

This chart is so simple Ive even name it that. The colours travel up the chart on there own so no guesswork involved you can quickly knit this one up.

Santa Face Chart

I love face charts and wanted to add a Santa one to the collection this year. Big block colours in this chart so wouldn't be hard to knit in time for Christmas week.

Breezy Snowflake Chart

This chart might look easy because it only 2 colours but there are a lot of sections where you will be tempted to strand your yarns. Preserver and use separate bobbins. Your line will come out crisp and clean, whatever you choose to make you will love the finished results.

Jingles the Snowman Chart

Last but not least here's Jingles. I already have a snowman chart that I love to death but it has a lot of little details to deal with so I wanted a snowman for beginners. Duplicate stitch the face and this chart is another super easy intarsia job. Make this for Christmas and you'll impress everyone!

All these charts can be knitted on any instarsia base pattern so no problem if you want a Jingles Cushion Cover or an Adult sized Grumpy Humbug sweater all the patterns are sold separately here

Let me know which one you like most.


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