• Emma Heywood

Monikers - Names being with the letter G

I have created a series of charted names. A few friends and family members had babies and I wanted to make them something so after they announced the name I knitted the baby a personalised sweater. The first size doesn't take long to knit as it is so tiny but if your worried about how long you will need you can always knit the back and sleeves and even knit up to the beginning of the chart before you know the name. If you don't know the gender uses a white, grey, yellow, green or beige as your background.

if you knit this as a gift for a newborn, once the baby has outgrown it the sweater can be hung in the room or on the child's door or even put on a toy as a decoration. You could even use the sweater as a cute way to announce baby's name!

If I haven't made the chart you need, use my chart suggestion page above and I'll get back to you. Leave your email so I can let you know as soon as it's live!

Yarn colours required - MC: Any CC1: Any shade darker than your MC would work.

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