May 2021 Charts of the Month - Flowers

I have had a busy month so it's nice to share these designs with you. May is the perfect month to release a flower chart collection, live flowers are used as decoration for many occasions and these versions will last forever. On top of my charts of the month, I have also started a live streaming every Thursday (6:30pm GMT) over on twitch and I have been dropping star wars themed charts on my blog. These designs are free and I show you all my intarsia knitting tricks live. I'd be happy to see you all come and join in.


This daisy-like flower chart could be made in so many different colours to look like lots of different cosmoses and flowers.


Daffodils are everywhere in spring and are associated with Easter. Use this chart to make fun decorations or as a nice spring sweater for them chilli walk in the woods.


These are my favourite flowers, there is so much detail in such a small flower.


I picked a lot of the flowers in this collection based on if they are also names. Iris might be considered a more old fashioned name now but these names are among the most fashionable today.


Lily is a beautiful name and a beautiful flower. There are some amazing colourways I can think of for this design. I'd love to see this knitted with a variegated yarn for the petals.


Roses are red... apart from when there white, pink, yellow or even black. I used dark red for the details in this design but you could use black too.


The Netherlands are the largest producer and exporter of tulips worldwide, we have a lot of tulips growing here in the UK too.

Ive used purple for my chart but also liked the design with red and yellow


I had to make a sunflower chart. This design looks quite complicated but there are lots of little tricks that you can use to make this an easy fun project. (if knitted, i would duplicate stitch the dark yellow)

Links on all images!

All these designs are part of my "Charts of the Month" collection


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