March 2021 Charts of the Month - Easter

The 4th of April 2021 is Easter! it's so early in the year I haven't had a chance to get over Christmas. I've had theses designs ready to go since last year and I was very excited to see how they would look on my base patterns, I even "nicked" the egg decoration concept for my valentines day realise. I love how they turned out and I hope you will too.

Although these designs are easter themed they will also look perfect all of spring. Use these designs as fun easter sweaters or create your own easter decor with a cushion, bunting or easter blanket.

Thumper The Bunny

Thumper is a grey bunny with a little pink nose. Use pink as your main shade and you will only need 4 colours or add another pastel colour to really make him pop.

Lovely Chicks

These two little chicks are so cute with there little legs and big love heart, this design has everything, perfect for you or your little chicks.

Chocolate Easter Egg

The image is of the most delicious looking chocolate egg.

The little drip details takes the finish to the next level.

Egg of Butterflies

This egg is decorated in butterflies, I think this design is perfect for all of spring.

Egg of Diagonal Stripes

This design might look tricky but stripes are the easiest things to practice your intarsia and you can use up all those leftover bits of yarn you've been holding onto.

Egg of Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes even easier than diagonal strips and if you want something you can wear you can get much simpler than my teabag hat.

Egg of Hearts

Little hearts decorating an egg shape, everyone love heart charts so why not change it up a bit for easter. You can even knit the egg shape and relax and duplicate stitch the hearts after your done.

Egg of Puzzle Pieces

Puzzles are so fun and have been more popular recently. you can make this as part of your easter bunting or make your own c2c puzzle blanket

Egg of Paw Prints

Here's an easter design for all use animal lovers!

Pawprints on everything. Those little toes will take up the number of bobbins you'll need to intarsia so just take your time and remember duplicate stitch is an amazing technique.

Egg of Spots

Now this one might be part of my easter collection for spring but this egg screams DRAGON. use white and green for a Yoshi egg or purple and pink for a Spyro design. This chart has so many amazing colour combos. What colours would you pick?

Egg of Stars

This design is out of this world, stars look good on everything and this egg star combo is like no other. I think whatever pattern I chose to make this design on I would hang up as a decoration. who says sweaters and blankets cant double as decor!

All these designs are part of my "Charts of the Month" collection

Use the code "Spring" at checkout to get 20% off these designs until 31st of March.


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