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I recently uploaded a bunch of newly designed to sell on and after a few days, I decided to do a search for them on the site. At this point, I notice how difficult it was to find the christmas category on the site. Last year I remember all the christmas patterns having their own button in the main search ribbon on at the top of the site, I know it's still not December but in the craft world, you have to get going early.

Although surprised, I carried on with my search and I typed in christmas jumper. A few but not all my designs were there, so I assumed this was because I didn't have enough keywords in my description of the patterns. Loveknitting doesn't have the easiest process to update little bits about the pattern you have to resubmit everything. I went through the process and added "perfect for christmas jumper day" to all my Christmas sweaters

Once they were republished with the change I looked again I noticed a few more of my designs were there but not all. Today I looked a bit closer at the issue and even if you use the filter options on the site with no keywords christmas sweaters are not easy to find. This got me worried about other searches and other designers having the same issue and not knowing about it. To test I searched the word "Fox" and my Red Fox chart appeared but not my Fox Face. I then looked for "Fox Face" and they're a lot of patterns in that search that I think should have appeared in under my first search, not just my design.

This confirmed to me that there is currently a big issue with the Lovecraft website that all designers should be aware of as for some of us this is our livelihood. If you do publish on Lovecraft's please do your own searches and see if your patterns are having issues and let other designers know too. Hopefully, if enough of us make Lovecrafts aware of the problem they will be able to fix it before christmas.

Below is my message to the Lovecraft team and I am waiting for a response. Update here once I have one

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