Knit with Me, Live Stream - Star Wars - Grogu Chart

Updated: 6 days ago

I have been streaming over on twitch and have just finished knitting the star wars logo chart. I am now moving on to knitting Grogu, also known as "The Child". If you want to come over and knit along with me for some helpful tips and tricks I'll be going live Thursday, 6:30 GMT. Below is the chart and basic pattern so you can prepare and join in!

Square Patch Pattern

Cast on 43 st.

Work 6 rows in st-st.

1st Row. K4 MC, knit next 39 sts as given for 1st row of chart, reading chart from right to left, k4 MC.

2nd Row. P4 MC, purl next 39 sts as given for 2nd row of chart, reading chart from left to right, p4 MC.

1st and 2nd rows set st-st at each side of 39 sts of chart. Keeping continuity of st-st and 39 sts of the chart, work from 3rd to 44th row of chart reading the chart from right to left for the odd-numbered rows and from left to right for the even-numbered rows.

Break all CCs and cont with MC only.

Using MC, work 6 more rows.

Cast off.

Hope to see you on my streams!

Did you know you could use this chart with any of the instarsia base patterns?

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