January 2021 New Charts Release - Lovely Stuff

So its the start of a new year and we're all excited. Its a month till valentines day and so I wanted to release some charts suitable for the day. I'm not the biggest fan of valentines but I do like hearts shapes as they are fun to knit so I used that as my start point for these designs.

Lattice of Hearts

This design was suggested by my mother, although I think she would want all the hearts a different colour if I knitted her one.

Heart of Hearts

I decided to uses just the 2 colours for this chart, I like the way all the little hearts break up the larger one.

Heart of Stars

This heart of stars reminds me of a galaxy.

Heart of Diamonds

This colourway reminds me of the video game Nights.

Heart of Pieces

Jigsaw pieces to be specific. Did you know puzzle pieces are used as an icon to represent autism in the UK. I really like the design of the pieces fitting into the heart shape.

Heart of Butterflies

Everyone loves butterflies. I tried lots of colourways for this chart and they all looked great.

Heart of Paw Prints

This chart would be nice if you used colours the same as your furry friend, mine would be black white and orange.

Heart of Cats

A couple of cat silhouettes in a heart. I love a kitty pattern.

Heart of Love

Just the word Love inside a heart shape but it came out amazing.

Heart of Hate

After all the lovi-dovi designs I wanted a couple for those who maybe don't like all the soppy stuff. So here's the word hate in a heart. I think I would have loved this in my teenaged years.

Broken Heart

Lastly for this month a broken heart, but it was originally going to be a heart of thunderbolts but it just looked smashed up so I gave up on that plan.

Hope you LOVE all these designs and I can't wait for all the big exciting things to come in the year ahead!

All these charts can be knitted on ANY instarsia base pattern!

All the patterns are sold separately here.


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