February 2021 Charts of the Month - Lucky

The 17 March 2021 is St Patrick's Day so I have designed you a little Leprechaun and a couple of clover charts, by releasing these charts at the start of February you should have time to make any of the charts in time if you want to decorate or dress up for the day. Any excuse to have a bit of fun these days!

Seamus The Leprechaun

St Patrick day and Irland make me think of leprechauns I have draw one before and I was surprised they don't all have full luscious orange beads with a moustache, they all stopped at the neck. I could have done mine different but I wanted the iconic image first.

Three Leaf Clover

I A customer requester a Shamrock a couple of months back and I was more than happy to design this one for them

Four Leaf Clover

After I did the 3 leaf clover I had to do a 4 leaf clover. Who else used to spend hours looking for these.

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All these charts can be knitted on ANY instarsia base pattern!

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