Instarsia was started in 2016 when I uploaded my Lovely Penguin's chart and  4ply sweater to Loveknitting. I have continued to expand the range of charts and patterns and now I'm taking Instarsia on the road to do the UK yarn and craft shows.

People still ask me how instarsia works. What are the charts for? Are they just knitting patterns? Could they be used for other things? Well, Instarsia charts are unique because they are all exactly the same size. This means you can use my chart with any Instarsia pattern.

But you can also use them for lots of other craft don't feel restricted, use them for whatever you can imagine. On the digital charts, there is a "colour count" this number tells you how many times your shades appear in the charts. Brilliant for making crochet and charm quilt blankets and you could even use it for planning bead art.